Buying Used Scuba Equipment: Is It Ever A Good Idea?

SCUBA diving can be costly, especially if you are a beginner. Purchasing all scuba equipment, especially when personal items such as BC’s (Buoyancy Compensators) and wetsuits are involved, and where good fit is arguably an essential consideration.Buying Used Scuba Equipment

The first question you need to answer is should you buy scuba diving equipment? And if so the question is: is it wise to purchase used scuba equipment; if yes, where should you buy them? Below are guidelines to help you make the best decision about your scuba gear.


Your scuba wetsuits need to fit perfectly. Otherwise, you risk chaffing and discomfort. An ill-fitted wetsuit can also pose safety hazards, because a too tight one will potentially cause blood circulation problems, and a loose one will likely become caught by protruding objects.  Here is how to get a properly fitting wetsuit.

Unless you have tried a wetsuit on before you purchase it, and unless the seller is willing to accept a return, spend your money to get your own brand new suit – one that you can truly feel comfortable in.

Buoyancy Compensators

While it’s absolutely possible to acquire a used BC, it’s also a wiser idea to purchase it from a reliable and trusted source. Always keep in mind that this is an essential piece of your safety gear and one that you will depend on. It’s recommended that you acquire this equipment from your local scuba shop, scuba swap, a demo model sale or an open box sale.


Used scuba fins can make an interesting find. Just be sure of the size you want. And if you are planning to purchase them from an online source, ensure to ask any questions you may have before you buy. Take a close look at the photos if you are buying online. If you are buying locally, inspect the products carefully before you commit to purchase them.

Masks and snorkels

A not-so-worn scuba mask can make a god purchase if only you try it before purchasing, or if you have a better idea about the brand and size you want. A properly and comfortably fitting mask is necessary. Remember that using the wrong mask can cause nasty headaches. Also, remember to check out on for wear and tear and ensure the mask has no scratches.

Brand new snorkels are affordable, but it’s also possible to get used ones. Make sure you cleanse used snorkels thoroughly before you use them.


If you get them from a trusted source, used scuba regulators can make a good acquisition. All you need is to ensure the regulators are treated well and are in good working condition. Be suspicious to any regulator that seems underpriced. Keep in mind that, if a regulator fails, the experience not one you’re going to enjoy.


Used scuba tanks and tank accessories can be a good buy. Inspect them for dents to ascertain their condition. As long as you maintain them well, tanks can last for quite many years.


Accessories like bags, dive lights, dive knives, hoods, gloves, clips, and reels, etc. can be bought used, usually without any problem. Compasses and dive computers, among other technical items, can also be purchased used. However, be cautious, and again, remember that cheap is expensive.

Do extensive research in advance, seek trusted sources, inspect all the considered equipment thoroughly and where possible, try before you buy. Otherwise, you risk wasting your money and more badly, you risk you safety.

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