How Drivers Can Prevent Lower Back Pain

Driving can literally be a pain in the back—specifically the lower back. Those who are driving long distance usually seek out Vancouver chiropractic services to relieve themselves of back pains. This is because back pain is such a debilitating experience that you can’t do anything normal if you have it. There are even people who literally can’t drive because of chronic back pains.

Seven Useful Tips to Alleviate Back Pains

If you suffer from lower back pain, driving can really be a challenge. If you’re looking at a long trip in the days to come, consider the following tips to make it doable.

  1. Get immediate comfort

    Make sure that you drive will be as comfortable as possible. Any possible irritation to your back can escalate into something totally debilitating. Wallets, cellphones or anything else should never be placed in the back pocket because it can cause the back to dis-align and cause pain.

  2. Aim for a smooth ride

    For many, the bump on the road are the ultimate back killer. If this is your case, consider replacing the shock absorber of your car. You can also replace worn out tires or if your tires are still new, consider reducing the tire pressure.

  3. Get out of the car and move around

    After hours of driving, consider going out of your car and moving around. Do some stretching to allow for blood to circulate down your spine. Remember that the spine is designed for movement and when you have been sedentary for some time, you can expect to experience pain in those areas.

  4. Take a cold pack

    When the pain has already set in, a cold pack can be a life saver. You can put it in some thermo container so that it doesn’t melt away when you need it. If you forgot to bring an ice pack with you, buy some ice cubes in some convenience store you find a long the way.

  5. Warm your muscle up

    A lot of people have experienced that warming the muscle up alleviates pain in a long road trip. You can do this by doing a little exercise before you set out to a long road trip. Nothing strenuous, just a little warm up movements will do the trick.

  6. Use your feet to support you back

    Often times, the mistake that we all commit is making the back do the heavy lifting. This is the best way to damage your back. Instead, let the legs do the heavy lifting and make it support your back. Do you realize that one of the biggest muscle of the body is located in the legs? Why not let that huge chunk of meat do the lifting for you?

  7. Use diversion

    Divert your attention from the pain. You can do this by doing some simple massage and counter pressures. You can also try music therapy to divert your attention.

If the back pain is still bearable, don’t wait for it to become chronic. Immediately schedule a session with your local chiropractic care provider and seek help.

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